TEDxNEDUniversity | ’17

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Months of preparation had gone into bringing up TEDxNEDUniversity to its audiences. There were a total of     teams working for TEDxNEDUniversity including Team Event Management, Team Creativity, Team Publications, Team Corporate Relations, and Team Marketing. Each team contributed their very best in making the event successful at an enormous scale. The zeal and enthusiasm of every single member of the team was appreciable. The creativity team made some wonderful props for decorations, the publication team contributed with their pen, the marketing team helped reach out to people on various platforms and the event management team made sure that there were no loopholes left in the management. The effort of the entire team, only could make the execution of the event possible at a level so grand and so it happened.



The 3rd rendition of TEDxNEDUniversity took place on 3rd January 2017. The much anticipated event started at 10:00 am with the recitation of Holy Quran. Then, the national anthem was sung by everyone together. After this, the speakers were called upon to deliver their talks, one by one.

The theme of this installment of TEDxNEDUniversity was ‘Escaping Inbuilt Paradoxes’. The theme focused on escaping the ambiguities that captivate a person in a shell; making the person incapable to try what the person truly wants to do. The theme encompassed the ideas of freedom, breaking stereotypes, dreaming big, following your dreams, living your passion, and many more.

Muhammad Waqas

The first speaker to speak at TEDxNEDUniversity was Mr. Muhammad Waqas, CEO of Wonder Tree. Wonder Tree is a revolutionary project in the world of ‘disable children education’. Mr. Waqas shared his ideas worth sharing with an audience all the more attentive and curious to learn.

The second speaker to speak at the conference was Miss Nargis Latif, Founder of Gul Bahao- an organization that works on building reliable structures using the very low cost ‘metallic film’. Miss Nargis is an epitome of success with foundations laid strong in factors such as unwavering determination, strength, struggle and years of hard work.

The third speaker at TEDxNEDUniversity was Miss Mona Mahtani. Miss Mahtani, a celebrated social worker and a proud winner of Commonwealth Youth Award, inspired the attendees with her ideas worth sharing.

The youngest speaker at the conference, 16 years old Mr. Hamza Tariq shared his bright ideas with the attendees, with an even brighter smile on his face. Despite his tender age, Mr. Hamza has claimed huge appreciation for his work in the field of digital art.

Hamza Tariq

The fifth speaker of the conference was Miss Zainab H. Nasir. Not only did Miss Zainab spoke at the conference, her widely acclaimed short film ‘Kachee Mitti’ was also featured and was appreciated by the audience. Miss Zainab shared her passion for travelling and photography with the audience and displayed some of the most breathtaking photographs shot by her.

Mr. Abdullah, popularly known as Sanki King, was the next speaker at the conference. He shared his much artistically sound ideas worth sharing and left the audience in awe with a mesmerizing piece of calli-graffiti art that he made live at the end of his talk.

Miss Maheen Zakaria, founder of RAAHAT- a project aimed at creating awareness regarding domestic violence against women, gave an absolutely inspirational talk on the much neglected topic and shared her experiences regarding the project. Miss Maheen’s talk was focused, stream-lined, solution oriented and gave the attendees much to ponder upon.

The last speaker of the conference was Mr. Asad J. Malik who is a creator at 1RIC and works with the most sophisticated technology on the rise; use of mixed reality to create holographic experiences. Mr. Asad shared some phenomenal ideas with the audience. He also gave a live demo of how the augmented reality is put to use; the demo was indeed a major highlight of the conference.

Asad J Malik

Then, Mr. Mehmood from ORIC was called upon the stage to address the audience. Towards the end, Mr. Mehmood and Miss Amna Ejaz Bhatti, President TEDxNEDUniversity, together, presented the mementos to the esteemed speakers of the conference. Mr. Mehmood was also presented with a token of appreciation by the President TEDxNEDUniversity. With that, the second installment of TEDxNEDUniversity came to an end.



The conference was aimed at ideas worth spreading and it will be no exaggeration to say that the objective was achieved much successfully. Approximately, 370 plus participants attended the event and showed great vigor and enthusiasm towards this movement of sharing ideas and hence instigating excitement, motivation, learning process and so much more. The attendees of the conference were much attentive and the speakers were much engaging. There were many magical moments that left the audience awe-struck, thus exhibiting the power of words and ideas. The minds were exposed to phenomenal ideas, the eyes witnessed the glory manifested by the inspirational speakers and the souls were nourished with motivating words. In the nutshell, the attendees not only took


Event Date:  3rd January ’17

Venue: Main Auditorium NEDUET, Karachi

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