President NES retirement announcement

So it’s time that I formally retire from the position of President NES.

Before I actually go on with congratulating the awesome new team, let me give you a little glimpse of what my experience with NES has been like and the great lessons that I learned.

Farewell. Thank you NES!

Farewell. Thank you NES!

Though the society formally established in late 2013, but infact it was a full four year journey! Having started for working for this society since my first year at NED along my brother Muhammad Ali Haider who was the pioneer bringing the concept of Entrepreneurship at NED, I still remember my first meeting with the X-Pro-Vice Chancellor in 2012 Prof.Dr.Muzaffar Mehmood when we were convincing him the need for this society and the potential in us to deliver it. High five brother! We did it! ^_^

It has been a lovely time – a time where I gave of my expertise, a time where I imparted skills and some life lessons and aptly also a time where I learned a great deal. I am extremely grateful for the role that everyone has played throughout the years- the X directors Asra Rizwan, Wardah Jamil, Noor Ali Jafry, Farwa Hussain, Hussain Raza, Hasnain Abbas, Waqas Ahmed, Babar Ali, Abeer Naqvi, Wajahat Hasan, Shehmeer Ahmed, Affif Raza, Shiza Nasir and Nashwa Tariq. Thank you for your part of service. I will always remember fondly.

It would be a remiss if I overlook to thank our Faculty Incharge NES, Dr.Syed Mehmood Hasan. His biggest favor than anything on us was his confidence and trust in us to do things our way.

NES taught me many things. Few major ones to mention are patience and consistency. But even above it, ‘taking responsibility’ is something I credit the most for it exposes one to phenomenal opportunities for growth. So, it’s not just fulfilling the duty but it rather is much more to it. One should always be striving for good, if not; no matter which post one holds will take him to no good. The only good comes when you own something.

NES is still evolving. There is so much more to offer and I am being too excited for what NES has to bring for you in future. The launch of NED’s own Business Incubation Centre (BIC), Innovation lab with 3D-printers, collaborative training sessions with National Entrepreneurship Network NEN, etc is simply intriguing. And I’m sure there are many bigger surprises waiting their turn to show. 🙂

I also need to acknowledge just how much I have been shaped by my team itself, my juniors. I have a myriad of experiences, too many to mention, that have impacted on my life in a memorable and meaningful way. Just want to say thank you Saarah, Murtaza, Jawad, Ramla, Mubashir, Saim, Wajahat, Noor and the hardworking members Tehniyat, Anusha, Laraib, Amna, Shariq, Moiz, Khaqan, Arsalan, Aashir, Javeria, Daniyal, Aimen, Warisha, Mehwish, Sameed, Sohaib, Osama, and there are possibly many names that I missed out here but I do acknowledge each and every one of NES members past and present who trusted and got linked with NES.

For all the current and future members, NES is and will be doing its best to give you opportunities to learn and grow yourself. How about you making the best out of all these and make the success stories? Verily, this is what in which NES and NED will feel the most pride in. So Inspire-Motivate-Change and get stick to it.

Congratulations to the new President NES, Syed Jon Raza Naqvi. I hope that I always find you with the same dedication and energy for this society as I have always seen you. And based on your gentle but resolute trait, I kind of see some familiar reflection in you. I’m sure you’ll lead the team at its best, even more than I could have had ever delivered, InshAllah. For the whole team 2016, I’m so proud of you already, keep the spirit alive and leave behind marks of your awesomeness when you leave NED successfully.

And finally, I would end it here in the words of my brother, Muhammad Ali- Founder NES:

”   If you have some crazy and freaky ideas and If you have the relentless amount of energy jolting inside you and if you know how to chase your passion and if you have that stumbling childhood curiosity still alive in you and if you have that unparalleled determination and if you don’t care what the people say and if you want to live the way you like and if you have a sea of optimism inside you and if you don’t want the external factors to suppress your inner voice, then and only then you are bestowed with the entrepreneurial spirits.

So be the solution to the problems of humanity, be the reasons for others income and happiness, be a real agent of elimination of poverty from the society and all in one be an Entrepreneur as I believe it’s a jihad against poverty.

Live your passion and be an Entrepreneur by profession….!  “

ned entrepreneurship society founders

Yours truly,

Co-Founder – NES

Kanza Batool Haider.


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