Entrepreneur’s Strive: Through the Lens

 The event Entrepreneurs Strive: Through the lens was organized by two illustrious societies of the NED University, namely Ned Entrepreneurship Society and Ned Photography Society. The two societies put their minds together to conduct an event with the aim of providing a competitive platform to show off ones videography and storytelling skills. Participants of this event, which consisted of two rounds, were to make an engaging video that walked us through the journey of an entrepreneur through the lens, featuring how the entrepreneur strived against any struggles that came their way.

Round 1: A workshop on the making and editing of your karoobani kahani:

Round One of ESTL, which was a workshop on the making and editing of videos, was conducted on the 17th of January. This was to help the participating teams take their storytelling skills to thenext level! The event commenced with the recitation of a passage from the Holy Quran, and the singing of the national anthem.
Two very dynamic personalities were hosted as the events guest speakers, each of whomimparted inspirational and informative nuggets of wisdom.

Aamir Bhagat, the CEO of 6 Seven 8 9 productions, expressed his views on how videos can be a much more expressive medium of storytelling than traditional mediums; he also highlighted how important a role each element of film-making plays, examples being the lighting of the set, the camera angle and the quality of the audio, and explained how a wrong move with any of these elements can lead to the viewers being distracted from the story and main elements of the video.

Yzza Slaoui, eminently known for her filmmaking and photography, shared with the audience the various video-making techniques and how one can work on making the video more engaging, visually appealing and interesting. She also pointed out ways to take a successful interview and elaborated on how she usually plans out how the interview will go about. Yzza also held an interactive session wherein she would have the audience judge various elements of still frames of videos and have a discourse on which ones looked least distracting, most engaging and most professional. With the event being interspersed with interesting discussions on topics like what it means to be an entrepreneur and if high-tech equipment matter a great deal in videography , and with therapy sessions where everyone was asked to clap in synchronicity, the audience was kept engaged and energized.
The event featured the CEO of Telemart, Ahmed Rauf, where he shared the struggles he faced throughout his entrepreneurial journey, and talked on the importance of thinking out of the box and having a unique selling point to make your mark in the competition. He also said he believed that we as a society put a lot of importance on studying but not enough emphasis is given to practical knowledge and experience, and to be a successful entrepreneur one must venture out and learn from the world.

The workshop also featured Hamza Ibrahim, a vlogger, who talked about the negativity and difficulties he faced in his career, and shared some invaluable tips emphasizing on how the story is one of the main elements of vlogging and so waiting for better resources to make a video makes one miss out on storytelling opportunities. He also said that negativity is a part of life; however, everyone should work on removing negative people from their lives because it is important to stay positive.

Towards the end of the workshop, the Presidents of the Ned Entrepreneurship Society and the Ned Photography Society extended tokens of appreciation to the guest speakers and 

everyone left the workshop feeling inspired and ready for round two of ESTL.


ROUND 2: THE Best karobaari kahani ft- salman parekh, Muneeb adil, Aemay:

Here the final show begins, NED Entrepreneurship Society, in collaboration with NED Photography Society organized Entrepreneurs Strive: Through the Lens. Second round with the same aim of encouraging entrepreneurs and promoting video making skills has begun lets see whats coming.
On 23th January, event took place in the presence of successful entrepreneurs, skilled video makers and vloggers.
Started with the name of Allah and followed by national anthem the event unfolded with a tribute to tadrees, an endless ripple of kindness. Then pair of participants were invited to stage to share their journey, they enlightened everyone how self- improving their journey was.
Then event unfolded with our first speaker Aemay, young vlogger, content creator and a fashion designer to be. He, who in the words of junejo is not coming slow shared his journey how he started vlogging and told everyone how important it is to love what you do.

Aemay:kuch to log kaheingy logon ka kaam hai kehna, criticizers are everywhere, dont answer them with words answer them with actions and treasure your FRIENDS they are all you need.

The event came to our second speaker Salman parekh, known as the king of content creation and he also is a founder of Mansaals. He enlightened the audience with some tips for digital marketing which will be shared with you guys at the end of this article. He conveyed that follow your instincts and try to take things you love doing on next level. Nobody can be super good at anything at the very first try, it needs some practice. He also talked about being first mover. He said, first movers are at advantage is a myth, second movers are more at advantage than the first ones. He also emphasized on never to compromise on quality.
Salman parekh: Create substance not Decoration.it is hard to continue things but try and youll make them great again.
With same love and appreciation we welcomed Muneeb adil, film maker and a content creator having heart-warming smile. He shared a personal account of his struggle and told us how it was for him to make himself getting noticed for his talent, how he worked as everything even if didnt wanted to, so he could achieve his dreams.
Muneeb adil: work hard and one day you will get noticed for your work.

Now was the time for participants videos to get played. Videos were played one after the other leaving audience astonished by the video making skills of video makers.
Now comes the time awaited. The team to won Entrepreneurs Strive: Through the Lens was sayfygraphy for their remarkable efforts and video making skills.
The event concluded with our guest speakers receiving their tokens of appreciation from president of NES and NPS.


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