NED Entrepreneurship Society organized the 4th installment of the biggest innovation slam of NEDUET this July, DICE Virtual Innovation Competition 2017. With the motto of enriching the embedded culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in the student body, Team NES arranged the most interesting 3 rounds worth competition, inviting renowned names of the innovation and entrepreneurship community to judge the Top 30 teams.

Among 50+ entries received from all over NED University, top 30 ideas were shortlisted on the basis of innovation, use of technology and viability. These 30 teams competed in Round 1

DICE participants


22nd July, 2017

Top 30 teams were shortlisted from the large number of registrations received for the competition. One member from each team had just one minute to entice the judges and audience with an interesting pitch that not just described the idea but also showed the ‘Think Big’ factor they had. The teams gave some of the most eloquent and fascinating 1 minute pitches and raised the par for every team that followed

We had an amazing panel of judges to assess the pitches: Mahira Maniar, Huda Baig, Sameer Khan, Zia Saeed, Hiba Ovais Latifee and NED University’s esteemed faculty members.

Post pitch session, the co-founder of Social Champ, Sameer Khan gave a refreshing session on how to give professional pitch presentations and demonstrated with one of his own Social Champ’s pitch+presentation which won accolades and recognition. With his engaging manner he shared how judges can be indulged with short stories which connect together, and how utmost belief in one’s own dreams is a necessary to achieve your dreams. The top 20 were selected at the end of Round 1.

Top 20

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26th July, 2017

This round in itself was an innovative idea to assess the market demand of the Top 20 ideas. The teams had the chance to exercise their creative skills and create a video of a one minute that visually encompassed the whole idea and the scope of the project. The teams were to get as many likes and reactions on their videos and on the basis of social media popularity and the video content the Top 12 were selected.

Few most amazing videos submitted by teams:



3rd round


28th July, 2017

The Finale of DICE VIC’17 was one thrilling afternoon filled with technically boggling presentations by the contenders of the top 10.

The teams who secured positions from 4th to 10th were rewarded with amazing cash prize of 5000/- and the Top 3 were awarded with cash prizes of 15,000/-, 20,000/- and 30,000/- for 3rd, 2nd and 1st position holders respectively.

The Teams were to present their ideas worth in the structure of a business plan. Most of the ideas were statistically found to have interested markets, industries and consumers, willing to utilize the innovative service or product.

The Judges to mark the finalists were an adept, professional panel of esteemed judges. We were honored to host Sana Farooq, Shoaib Iqbal, Talha Ansari, Kanza Batool, Sir Farooq Alam, Qazi Umair, Sibtain, Sunober Cooper and the Chief Guest, MD Careem, Junaid Iqbal.

Post smashing session of the business presentations by the nervous but determined teams, Mr. Junaid Iqbal addressed the audience and all but won the hearts by his easygoing manner and simple tips to solve small problems. He applauded Team NES on organizing DICE and professed to be amazed by the innovative and creative minds of NEDians, saying he expects more from the students.


DICE Judge



TEAM #1 Trash It

It’s a machine that convert trash into a compost (fertiliser) . More over it also reduce the time of composting and provides an hassle free method to compost your trash into a nutrient compost that not only reduce the need of artificial fertilizers but moreover provides an organic way to grow your plants in a less time .

TEAM #2 Fashion With Tech

This app would make it possible to easily find out the answers of all the questions you ask yourself while getting ready everyday…like: “Is this shirt going with these pants? Are these shoes matching my dress?? Etc. etc.” This app would provide different results depending upon your gender, your personality, the occasion, your country and the current season. This app would keep a record of all of your outfits and accessories and would help you in getting ready. For getting social, you can also upload a picture of yourself or your outfit and seek opinions/suggestions from the people in your network. This app would predict your choice by using the principle of Machine Learning and would notify you whenever an item of your type appears in any collection of your favourite brands.

TEAM#3 Thermo-Acoustic Refrigerator (TAR)

The project and idea is of our proposed FYP of “Designing and prototyping of a Thermo-acoustic refrigerator”. A Thermo-Acoustic Refrigerator (TAR) uses sound waves in order to provide the cooling.

Thermoacoustic refrigerators have the potential to cover the whole spectrum of refrigeration down to cryogenic temperatures (-150°c or below). No use of traditional compressor simplifies the maintenance problems and no lubrication is required.

Refrigerator’s power is adjustable as a function of sound amplitude. It can be used as Air conditioning system in passenger vehicles. The engines gives off heat at high temperatures, which could be utilized by TAR instead of mechanical air conditioning, which reduces fuel consumption because TAR doesn’t require compressors or pumps. Key drivers to encourage uptake of thermoacoustic technology in the food sector are environmental considerations, self-contained refrigeration equipment & the development of systems that offer efficiency and cost advantages over vapour compression systems.

TEAM#4 Hybrid Fan
The main shaft of a fan’s motor is connected to a dynamo. When the fan rotates with external electricity, the dynamo connected to it produces electrical energy due to fan’s rotation. This energy can be used as a hybrid energy for the fan to run again resulting in low electricity consumption.

A Virtual Reality application that will let the doctors practice complicated operations anywhere with the genuine feeling of operating a real patient rather than a virtual one. HoloDoc will work on HoloLens(first self-contained, holographic computer powered by Microsoft) and few main surgeries in our system includes:
 1) Craniectomy : An invasive surgery that requires removing a portion of the skull to inspect the brain.Reason for practice: a slight mistake can lead to damage, The permanent damage can include loss of vision, mobility, speech, memory and co-ordination.There is also the chance of a stroke, seizures, spinal fluid leakage, swelling of the brain, making it one of the riskiest surgeries. 
2) Septal Myectomy :A surgery to unclog the congealed muscles of the heart Reason of practice:Besides being a procedure that can last for six hours and convalescence in the ICU, the tricky part of this surgery is that it needs to be performed on a motionless heart.
 3)Thoracic Aortic Dissection Repair:An emergency surgery to fix a tear in the deepest layer of the heart Reason of practice:Surgery needs to be immediate and the surgeon will have to fix the area of the damaged aorta and reconstruct the blood vessel with an artificial fix. Etc.

TEAM#6 Whether Prediction and Alert System
My Innovation is actually a weather station which is clearly not like any other station. The need to this idea arose when the people across the globe witnessed environmental disasters, that proved to be detrimental for the masses like the Heat Wave in Pakistan, 2015, where thousands passed away BUT no one really could determine the actual conditions of those particular areas that turned out to be life taking for them. No alerts were generated earlier for the dwellers of those areas where it was expected most as there was no such device measure or monitor that, which resulted in 65,000 lives being buried in the graves.  Our product provides a solution to this hazardous issue by monitoring real-time weather and climate, using machine learning techniques to predict future weather data and then generating alerts on their cell phones through mobile application or TWEETS or even SMS, a day before.

TEAM#7 IAttend
IAttend app is an efficient application to reduce the time consuming and hectic procedure of attendance marking. This application is based on Bluetooth sharing concept.


  • IAttend is targeted to give the user a practical and a more user friendly experience.
  • It is focused to reduce the paper work.
  • It will save alot of precious time for both the user and the targeted audience.

TEAM#8 Track-Ex
Track-Ex is an easy to use android application that focuses on enriching the shopping experience from a wider aspect. As the name hints, it tracks the user’s expenditure on daily, monthly, yearly basis by the help of bar charts and graphs. Along with this, digitizing the paper receipts is the core objective, leading to proper organization of large chaotic data for everyday shoppers and wholesalers both. It refines the shopper’s decision making skills by providing efficient comparison
techniques of products purchased from different stores in the past.

TEAM#9 InstaPay
InstaPay is an easy payment solution for users who shop usually from various super market like METRO or Imtiaz/chase with instapay the user can now simply scan the product code code and pay the amount online via their cellphones through credit/debit cards thus helping them avoid the hassle and long queues at thee markets for bill clearance. The receipt of the items purchased can be obtained on the cellphone or the printed form as well.

TEAM#10 Construction of an Air Conditioner
Our product is an air conditioner. It is constructed simply from thermocol, dry vent, duct tape, and a battery fan. It can use ice, cool water bottles, and other variety of materials to provide quality, refreshing air. A small fan and a dryer vent are fitted into a thermocol. The fan runs on battery, not on electricity. Thus this product can be used in rural areas where there is no electricity. The small fan blows air onto cool ice or water bottles, and cool air comes out of the vent. Ice, placed inside the thermocol, is
insulated by 3 to four air pockets so that it doesn’t melt, despite hot weather conditions.
Thus, once the conditioner is filled with ice, it can provide cool air for more than fifteen hours  before it is filled again.
TEAM# 11 Health Care Management System
The advent of computer science and information technology has revolutionized every sector in a drastic way. One of its major merits include its capacity to facilitate management in real time environment in an efficient manner via cloud computing platforms.
In health sector, it is the requirement for every hospital to get prompt supply of life saving drugs that are expensive at the same time. Considering a small area consisting of several. Hospitals and medical suppliers, we propose a cloud based system that connects all the hospitals and medical suppliers. It keeps the record of the stock of all the life-saving drugs that is required quickly by the hospital without any delay and hurdles.

Have you ever just looked for the medicine at different drugstores but it’s not available in the first place. It is not a common medicine or you don’t know the specific drugstore for the cause. Through our system, one will get to know the nearest drugstore available with the drug you needed. Vendors can keep track of the total drugs in the vicinity and can update their stock accordingly.
TEAM#12 Text Reader for Blind
Android application that will read the text for the blind person.
TEAM#13 Next Generation of School
The next generation of school is an idea of a machine called School box (a Virtual School). It looks like a simple briefcase, which provide learners basic education (for instance how to read and write) and knowledge about crucial subjects. The machine can be created using intelligence (human and artificial), computer technology and engineering. So far humans have created virtual education sources (for example, books; online tutorials; Virtual schools/universities etc. ) and best of all, internet; but the important fact is that all these mentioned sources require internet and surprisingly around 40% people have internet access in world (refer to Table 1). The School Box does not require internet or Global Connectivity, because all knowledge and information are
TEAM#14 Effect of Fructo-Oligosaccharides
Bone cement is used for the fixation of artificial joints and broken bones. The cement fills the free space between the prosthesis and the bone itself. The connection between the cement and the bone and between the cement and the prosthesis is only mechanical; therefore, it has been repeatedly, intensively studied ever since bone cement was introduced. The irregularities of the bone surface and the penetration of the cement are an important prerequisite for long survival of implants.
The cement acts as an elastic zone that, because of its stiffness, cushions the forces affecting the bone. The main objective is to mix the water soluble carbohydrate; fructo- oligosaccharides with the self-curing bone cement to increase the strength of bone .The strength can be investigated by performing various mechanical tests such as hardness, fracture toughness and bending tests etc .This also helps to reduce pain and improve mobility.
Our idea is to develop such speech-generating devices which will help such people who cant speak due to any form of disability but their brain is functional. Basic idea is to use Eye tracking, Eye tracking is the process of measuring either the point of gaze (where one is looking) or the motion of an eye relative to the head. An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movement. Patient will be provided with any form of display medium like tablet PC or screen etc in which specially designed need based application will give pre pictures images of objects, motions vocabulary etc.

By capturing eye contact of patient on required object will generate its audio voice thus helping attendant know patient need. 
TEAM#16 Bio Water Purification Filter
Shortage of affordable and safe drinking water is manifested in Pakistan with an estimated 44 percent of the population without access to safe drinking water. It is estimated that about 200,000 children in Pakistan die every year of diarrhoea diseases alone, according to a report of Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR).

A suitable alternative to conventional water treatment procedures is the bio filters. While it may not get out every pathogen in the water, it will get enough out to make it safe to drink. It uses multistage approach to removing impurities and pathogens from water. Bio-filters have three separate layers:
1) Gravel 3) Activated Charcoal
Gravel removes debris. Sand layer removes smaller particulate matter and activated charcoal removes bacteria. Along with these, some buckets, screen, a few plumbing fittings will be used to construct the bio filter.
TEAM#17 ELCAP Smart Energy Meter Read on
Since, power theft is a very prevalent issue in Pakistan, we, at ELCAP Technologies aim to resolve this issue by making a smart energy meter add-on which will likely be featured with meter tamper detection, power line theft detection and automatic billing. Our company is currently incubated at Cinetic Incubation Centre of NED for the last four and a half months. Since then, we have been working on the design of our product. Currently, our product is in the implementation phase. There are digital energy meters and smart energy meters available in the market but there isn’t any such add-on available in the market that can be attached to any digital energy meter. Besides, all of the above mentioned features, we are trying to make our product as robust, accurate and cheap as possible.
TEAM#18 GPS Point Tracking Applications
GPS Point Tracking Application is an Android based Application.With real-time locations via a GPS Point tracking Application,students are able to get real-time location of their desired point that has been showing in a map.Hence, long time waits and physical stress can be avoided by students and there is no more need to constantly touch with your friend and ask about the point location again and again.The student just need to start the app and select the point No that he/she wants to track.
TEAM#19 Pyrolysis of Waste Plastic
Our project aim to solve the twin problem of environmental pollution due to plastic By converting plastics to fuel, we solve two issues, one of the large plastic seas, and the other of the fuel shortage. This dual benefit though will exist only as long as the waste plastics last but will surely provide a strong platform for us to build on a sustainable, clean and green future. By taking into account the financial benefits of
Such a project, it would be a great boon to our economy.
TEAM#20 Swift Printers
Whether someone is in an educational institution or in an administrative office, printing is the everyday requirement, be it research papers, advertisements, assignments or public data-these things need to get printed from time to time. With the unavailability of printing shops round the clock and the heavy
maintenance costs of printers available at homes and workplaces, there is an innovative idea that could change these norms. “The installation of vending printing facilities at different educational institutes”. These printing facilities would include state of the art functions including but not limited to an all-purpose application that would help consumers, identify these facilities, upload their documents and pay through their topped up accounts. The application could be detected by multiple connectivity options including Bluetooth, WIFI,NFC etc. Moreover, there would be an online portal directly integrated with the mobile app for those customers who want to upload their documents through PC or other devices. These printing facilities will be a game changer for those who have to wait in tedious lines in printing shops to get their assignments printed on time. Being available round the clock, these facilities will facilitate the users to get their job done at any time. All they have to do is search for their nearest printing facility on the application, upload/transfer their documents and get almost anything printed at their hands! Initially, this idea has been brought up for educational institutes but it could be implemented to offices as well.
Through this, Offices/universities wouldn’t have to bear the heavy cost of Photostat/printing machines aka cost effective. In a nutshell, these devices would be an all-rounder for printing customers.
TEAM#21 Solve-ware
Solve-ware is a software whose main objective is to do root cause analysis and came up with the optimum solution of the machine related problems. The reason behind the need of such software is to save time and money at industrial level. Solve-ware generate result based on data which is provided and problem which is entered related to machine, to simplify how this software work we use an example to explain it. Suppose an industry that use Lathe machines to manufacture any automobile part, A problem arises that many parts are being wear or distorted by Lathe machines there can be many reasons behind this problem for example: the RPM of lathe is not precise, the material of tool is not appropriate, the depth of cut is not suitable etc. The company owner cannot bear the expense to check all the reasons behind
problem. This is where Solve-ware play its pivoted role, first, we have to select the machine we are using (Lathe machine) then we have to feed the problem (wear or distortion of work piece) then we have to provide data asked by the software i.e. Current RPM of Lathe, Material of Tool, Material of work piece, Depth of cut. Solve-ware will analysis all the data and the problem provided and came up with the best
possible solution i.e. “The current RPM of Lathe machine is not feasible with the Material of tool and work piece. The RPM shall be set to XYZ to eliminate the problem”.  

TEAM#22 Sustainable Water Desalination Plant
The Brackish water travels from the main container (on the leftmost shown in fig), the flow of water is controlled by a valve and the water rests in a Flask which has a capacity of about Two liters and is right above the Mirror, the water receives the energy required to evaporate it through the Mirror Which focuses the Sun rays on a point below the Flask and heats it, and the water changes form liquid to vapours which then travel from the flask to the collecting container (on the right most side) through a coil system which increases the surface are and is used to condense water vapours. The water can now be used for drinking purposes. 
TEAM#23 EWICON(electrostatic Wind Energy converter)Project 
Where most wind turbines generate electricity through mechanical energy, the EWICON (short for Electrostatic WInd energy CONvertor) creates potential energy with charged particles – in this case, water droplets. The abstract appearance of the EWICON comprises a fluid, circular steel frame that encases a framework of horizontal steel pipes. Inside the framework, charged water droplets are created
which are blown by the wind. The movement of the droplets generates an electrical current that can be distributed to the electricity grid. Positively charged particles naturally move towards the negative electrode, but when the wind is allowed to push the particle away from the negative electrode, it increases its potential electrical energy — a little like pushing a rock up a hill against gravity.
This increased energy can then be collected.

TEAM#24 E-Solution Filters
This app is a marketing technique and will be able to create an understanding between customers and products. Usually people fear fraud, have security fears, testing the goods, lack of awareness etc. These all are real problems and have real solutions like visit a reputable ecommerce site, make sure about all the details, confirm the delivery time but what if ‘I don’t like it, I’ll be stuck with it’ concern. Many including me have the same issue and are unable to do e-shopping. What if there was a way to solve this problem! This app is the perfect solution. To gain confidence about purchasing the product, user will certainly go for this application. He just has to open the picture of product in our app and then the app will read this photo and create a filter of his product which he then apply on himself and gain knowledge about the look of product .The product could be any wearable say a dress, makeup, jewelry, shoes, purses, hats anything .User just tells the app about the category in which the product falls and image will be read smartly ,converted into a filter the filter is ready to be applied and he can also download this filter in his mobile.
TEAM#25 Scene On
As the name suggests, Scene On, is a Service based concept with a purpose to always keep your plans and goals intact (to either order food via restaurants, get a parcel delivered or order a cab) by saving both your time and expenses; even if you have little resources available.
The system that this Service works on is basically a simple Text Message.
What we have planned is basically to track the exact position of a person, who requires a certain task to be carried out, and fulfill his request which can be from a wide range of categories. (Similar to what Foodpanda does but it requires internet) What we will do is acquire the location of a person who has sent the text message (Telecommunication system and/or GPS may be used to do so), reach out to him and proceed/redirect his request to the concerned department.
TEAM#26 Augmented Reality Advisor
Augmented Reality Adviser, with the combination of AI and AR we now present you ARA. The smart guidance system for the future most prevailing technology a holographic computers. ARA is a virtual assistance that performs your everyday tasks and manages your activity for you. You can see and interact with it as a First person making it more realistic and user friendly than ever. It uses
 1. Multi-Language Speech Recognition software that can dictate in any third party software and fill online forms.
 2. Translates multiple language into sign language and uses visual recognition to detect hand movement to decode sign language.
3. Open source machine learning platform for predictive big data analysis, scoring and modeling.
4. Artificial intelligence Chatbot for Natural language and forming responses to any question.
5. Contains predictive analytic tools that works on past interaction of user with the device and other
TEAM#27 Synthesis of Biocompatible Membrane
Aloe Vera plant contains many hidden and well known beneficial properties for humans such as its anti inflammatory, antibacterial nature that causes clearer, healthier skin and hair when applied directly or otherwise. In this project we want to utilize beneficial properties of Aloe Vera in making an accessible and sustainable membrane along with natural polymer Chitosan.
In this project a biosynthetic membrane, using extracts from Aloe Vera and Chitosan, is synthesized to create an active abrasion dressing material that facilitates the penetration of Aloe Vera gel and Chitosan inside the skin helping in different stages of healing and protects from infection. The achieved synthetic membrane is analyzed through different testing and characterization techniques.
This membrane is expected to have a high potential in healthcare industry due to its beneficial properties, cost effectiveness and the easy availability of the raw materials locally i.e. shrimp shells and gel from, Aloe Vera leaves.
TEAM#28 Syndrome Detector
Our idea is revolving around how to detect ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsive that interferes with functioning or development.). This application will provide the values of a person’s meditation, attention values and will give the estimate percentage of ADHD.

TEAM#29 Fabrication of Silver Nanorods
With the advancement in Nano-biotechnology, the field of Nano-bio material is also developing fast. One of the most important element, i.e. Silver, have gained much significance due to its various properties. However, there are numerous Nano morphological of silver, each having their specific dominant property. Silver Nanorods have gained more interest as they are highly irregular and have Surface Plasmon Resonance. In this project Silver Nanorods are considered as Silver Nanorods can
contribute to the biomedical imaging field as a contrast enhancement agent. The main objective of this project is to produce biocompatible silver nanorods through cost effective, ecofriendly methods. Final product will be used to improve image contrast in different biomedical imaging techniques. The product will be analyzed through different testing and characterisation technologies.
TEAM#30 Financial Advisor
Banking is widely used in Pakistan and a lot of banks offer different variety of rates and products. Banking technology is revolutionizing the customer service but still many people are not aware of the current deals and packages offered by banks because of more competition. Due to this we are designing this model the intentions behind development of this utility is to benefit both the customer and the financial institutions by way of providing a tentative upfront assessment to the customer and the banks with potential customer lead. This will help reducing the cost to the bank and ultimately resulting a lesser priced consumer financing product to the customer.
Customer may evaluate themselves for a particular banking product by simply providing few basic details and the system will guide them the best suitable option in terms of best rates, product features on various tenures.