Muhammad Ali (Founder)

Muhammad Ali- Founder NES
If you have some crazy and freaky idea and If you have the relentless amount of energy jolting inside you and if you know how to chase your passion and if you have that stumbling childhood curiosity still alive in you and if you have that unparallel determination and if you don’t care what the people say and if you want to live the way you like and if you have a sea of optimism inside you and if you don’t want the external factors to suppress your inner voice, then and only then you are bestowed with the entrepreneurial spirits.

Entrepreneurship is an art of creating something from nothing. It’s an art of building empires from scratch. Be the solution to the problems of humanity, be the reasons for others income and happiness, be a real agent of elimination of poverty from the society and all in one be an Entrepreneur as I believe its a jihad against poverty.

Live your passion and be an Entrepreneur by profession.

Muhammad Ali Haider
Founder NES

Kanza Batool Haider (Co-Founder)

Kanza- Co fouder NES
This gives me the biggest contentment in life to have laid down the foundations to a society that is destined to produce future entrepreneurial leaders from our University. NED has got a rich background of producing finest minds and setting high paradigms in the real world. NES is just the same extension to track the novel minds to one ground and accouter them with skills to help prepare for a venture ahead of engineering…a venture leading from Engineering to Technopreneurship.
I would like to wish all the very best to the remarkably distinguished team of NES which exemplifies an incredible blend of extra ordinary zeal, pulsating dedication and team work. There is a lot to be done which has never been done. I hope you people will carry on the mission of fostering creativity and will succeed in finding out the biggest tread in life to recognize the treasure hidden within the selves.
Let’s together further enrich NED’s portfolio and add to it success stories of wonder!

Kanza Batool Haider
Co-Founder NES