About NES

What is NED Entrepreneurship Society?


Many universities around the world have direct involvement in supporting the development of innovative new businesses. This proactive role to participate in development of students also serves to develop partnerships with new companies and reap benefits from the commercialization of the university’s own research.

Universities have greater impact on the economics of communities in which they are created as well as the economics of other regions because of the presence of graduates and their research. Encouraging the Undergraduates of a university to think of building up their business idea and take it to a formal, concrete model and allowing them to capitalize on developing that idea into an entrepreneurial venture will no doubt be extremely useful for the university and as well as for the economy of the country.

There is a need to provide young engineers with an understanding of the mindset and skills required to effectively move a technology invention from “concept” to “market”. This is the basic idea behind the creation of NED Entrepreneurship Society.



The main goal of this society is to turn engineers into entrepreneurs. There is a need to help the students develop a way of thinking business-wise and help them acquire the critical tools they need to recognize opportunity and work effectively with the business giants that they would need to work with when they form their own companies.

Our second goal is to promote active self-development by setting up special incubation centres and interactive sessions for the students. These sessions will greatly help develop the entrepreneurial mindset of students.

We also wish to encourage and support students all over in pursuing entrepreneurship ideas, skills and venturing the entrepreneurial world in affiliation with the technology incubator, community channels and their brilliant intellectual capabilities. It will seek to stimulate and enhance entrepreneurial thinking and endeavours in the students of our university by providing opportunities to know about this young concept of entrepreneurship in our country.



Our main focus is to provide a platform to these students. A foundation which can allow them to take their excellent skills in the area of their interest to a bigger audience. Also to make them believe that their research, inventions and innovations are their very own business plans. In short, we are taking our talent to the next level and we’re not stopping any time soon.