Entrepreneurial Training & Workshop

Entrepreneurial Training & Workshop NES has conducted a lot of sessions to ignite the entrepreneurial spark in our engineers. Moreover, we send our students to IBA for special course, that is Entrepreneurship for Engineers to help them gain an insight of business studies.

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Mentorship If you have an idea and are looking forward to polish it, NES will provide you mentors from not only faculty but also professionals from the industry.

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Campus Companies

Campus Companies NES supports all kind of businesses that have their target market as NED University. In this regard, NES has been supporting soon to be launched Cycle Yaari since last December which ranked as the top startup at Pakistan Startup Cup 2015.

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Incubation Support

Incubation Support NES will soon kick start its business incubator to help our students to formulate and execute successful business plans with tech and professional support.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it.


TEAM 2017

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Laraib Fakhr


Laraib Fakhr, Our esteemed president, Miss Laraib Fakhr with her rigorous ways and determination stands firm on the goal of transforming the vision of NED students through NES.

Naiha Pervez

Directory HR

Naiha Pervez, From exhausting interviews to fixing the tilt of your picture in your official NES ID, our director HR, miss Naiha Pervez burns the midnight oil to give NES her absolute best.

Hira Rashid

Director Publications

Hira Rashid, Words serve our Director Publications enormously well. Miss Hira Rashid makes sure your media accounts are always flashing with exciting updates from NES.

Ramsha Khan

Director Marketing

Ramsha Khan, Charts, banners, buntings and props; we feel proud to introduce you to the liveliest of persons, Miss Ramsha Khan senior Applied Physics, our director Marketing. She makes sure EN-EE-ES, BE-THE-BOSS is a chant every NEDian hums..

Ahsan Khan

Director IT

Sarmad Rasheed Sandeelo, Sophomore Automotive. Sir Sarmad Sandeelo has all that it takes to digitize the best out of NES, be it through a professional website or tech-ful videos. Our director IT makes sure NES goes hand in hand with technology.by NES.

Ibrahim Khan

Director Event Management

Ibrahim Khan, Lights, mic and chairs shall never be an issue till we have our wholly dedicated and selflessly untiring Director Event Management, Sir Ibrahim Khan in second year Mechanical, in our NES family.

Mehlum Zainuddin

Director Finance

Mehlum Zainuddin, 5000, 1000, 20 and a 5-rupee coin, all are sorted separately in the clutch of our extremely responsible Director Finance, Sir Mehlum Zainuddin, who scrupulously makes sure not a penny rolls off his eyes. Our money is in good hands, rest assured.

Mujtaba Nadeem

Director Graphics & Creativity

Mujtaba Nadeem, for our Director Graphics, Sir Mujtaba Nadeem sophmore Civil, creativity comes uninvited. Using palettes, logos and themes, he dips NES into a kaleidoscope of art and design.

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